about one hundred people gathered Thursday night at the city Market in order to make the zegeklok of the Halletoren to hear it. Inspired by a short film by Wim Lybaert, for One. “Look, ” but please, don’t watch it” said the mayor.

The city police force, it is amused is a film that is a television producer, Wim Lybaert, for One, has made. He pulled off Wednesday night at the Market square in Bruges, and the zegeklok of the Halletoren to hear it. That is, when the coronacrisis each night, up to 20 hours of audio.

Wim Lybaert creates something special with it, in Bruges

these are exceptional times. And that’s why the city each and every day at 20: 00 is something very special. Wim Lybaert and went to take a look, and he got goose bumps from it.

And that’s an extreme case, because of the zegeklok rings usually found only in special days, such as the Heilige Bloedprocessie, or a national holiday. However, in the present day, as well. “For anyone who works during the crisis, the hearts to stitch. And we’ll do it as long as it is needed”, he said, the city of Bruges is to do that.

But the city police are not satisfied with the ” ad ” for the sound of the zegeklok. Because that’s called Thursday night about a hundred people at the Market. And now, isn’t the point. “We are convinced that the video was intended to be. And it was definitely a lot of warm comments about,” says Lien Depoorter, spokeswoman for the police department of the city. “However, we are afraid, however, that people are flocking to the Market and were going to go.”

A fear that turned out to be. That’s because the surveillance video and saw the police, how about 20 hours, a lot of people in the Market gathered at the zegeklok to hear it. They went to the spot and took a few pictures of what is happening. That was a Friday, will be discussed.

“Something like that, you can, of course, is not intended to be,” said the spokesperson. “We want to give the people, therefore, calls for not flocking to the one place to go.” They make the comparison to a round of applause for the care of up to 20 hours. “I should not become half-straatfeestjes. Once again, it is a wonderful gesture and applaud to. Just do it from your window or in your front yard. And, like social distance, is always, and everywhere be observed.”

the Mayor, Dirk De fauw (CD&V) was given to the comments made by the police to hear of it. He reacts with mixed feelings. “It is, of course, is meant as a nice gesture. However, it may not be the intention, that the people in the Market, it will come together. I would want to ask the zegeklok, but that was to be home to do it. Listen in from your yard or a room, but the bag does not go to the Market as a whole. The police will definitely keep an eye on. For the time being, we have to be there so so bad all the time.”

The police have stressed, however, that most of the Team are doing a good job. However, they warn you at the same time, it’s a sunny weekend, which is at the door. “We are asking for people with a garden and to have some fun in the sun”, what it sounds like. “Please just take a moment to walk or ride a bike, but keep well away from passers-by. We will also have additional control on the entire territory due to environmental factors, and movements that will actually not be able to do.”