The holiday island of Mallorca has been struggling with misbehavior by party tourists for a long time. Now a new tourist trend is causing dissatisfaction among the authorities. They are demanding stricter controls and tougher measures.

Hordes of people come to Mallorca year after year to spend their holidays there. But the Balearic island has a problem – namely misbehavior by party tourists. There are always sensational and unpleasant incidents that come with drinking tourism.

In Cala Rajada, a popular holiday resort in the north-east of Mallorca, drunk German tourists have caused horror with dangerous actions. A video shows the latest incident and has sparked renewed discussions about the handling of alcohol in Mallorca.

We’re talking about a new trend: naked balconying. Last Thursday (May 16, 2024), an eyewitness filmed a tourist climbing onto the roof from his balcony, naked and obviously drunk.

This video, published on Tuesday (May 21, 2024) by the Spanish newspaper “Ultima Hora”, quickly spread on the Internet and caused heated discussions.

Watch the video of the tourist on X here:

The incident in Cala Rajada joins the list of other events involving drunks in well-known party hotspots such as Magaluf and Playa de Palma. According to the report, the most recent nude balcony took place in a hotel on Agulla Street, which is located between the town center and the beach of the same name.

The naked tourist was apparently loudly cheered on by other holidaymakers. Locals reported that this was by no means an isolated case: similar incidents had been observed in the past, according to “Mallorca Magazine”.

Most recently, a 21-year-old German fell to his death from a hotel balcony on Playa de Palma. The incident occurred on Amilcar Street. The man’s friends went to reception in the morning to report the tragic event. 

The repeated incidents have led to renewed calls for tougher measures against drinking tourism. Many local authorities are calling for stricter controls and harsher penalties for tourists whose behavior endangers others and themselves.

By Jana Steger (JS)

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