In Sochi the locals still can’t get used to the influx of tourists this year. One of the tourists took video of compatriots crowded beach than the once terrified inhabitants of the Spa town.

the Video appeared in the community “Typical Sochi” in “Vkontakte”. The footage shows crowds of travellers came to the beach in Imeretinka.

In the caption to the video says on the quays in Sochi now is not overcrowded. “Notice” has also been observed in the pools where not enough sunbeds, and the bars it is not always possible to find a free table.

the inhabitants of the city were horrified what they saw. In the review they advised vacationers to fly to Turkey to “unload the Russian resort.”

“Stand as the bus and you don’t swim, not sunbathe, no place. Trampled! About coronovirus I do not even speak”, “This might be a “happiness” except for sellers of kebabs and other rubbish” — they wrote.

However, there were users who found similar complaints meaningless. As you know, the Spa town earn mainly at the expense of leisure, so residents should not “cut down under a bough”, we have noticed opponents.

“there are No tourists — it is bad, blame the government, there are tourists — too bad… Whiners, you decide,” wrote in the comments one user.

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