Anastasia Paraskevova reported from Kharkiv about the atrocities of the war in a video diary. Just when she was beginning to think she had lived through the worst, she learns that her father was killed by a rocket blast.

Anastasia Paraskevova was living in Kharkiv, Ukraine, when the Russians invaded. These days were “literally hell”, the young woman commented in her video diary. In it she described harrowing details during the siege, described her daily life, the struggle for water. When there was no other choice, the Ukrainian fled.

Months later, Anastasia returned to Kharkiv as the Ukrainian army was last able to reclaim land around the city. She was joined by ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers. “We followed her as she went back to the apartment that was her refuge during the worst of the first weeks of the war,” he said of the return. Despite the significant damage to nearby apartments, Anastasia’s apartment remained untouched.

“There was the hallway where she and her sister hid during the rocket fire, hoping they wouldn’t be showered with broken glass. Here was the kitchen where she made bread from rice flour, that’s all they had,” the reporter said.

Rivers was also there when Anastasia was able to reconnect with her father, whom she hadn’t seen in two months.

The father lived in another part of town. “We call him every time there’s an explosion to ask him if he’s alive,” the young woman said in one of her video messages at the time. The reunion after their escape was a “touching meeting, a moment of pure joy”.

Anastasia Paraskevova is just beginning to believe that she has lived through the worst of this war and can finally get back to her usual life.

But Kharkiv is now being attacked again by the Russians. With dire consequences: Rivers tweeted the terribly sad news on Monday afternoon: “Your father was killed by a rocket attack at 10 a.m. this morning.”

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