At a meeting held on Sunday, parliamentary elections in Croatia won a landslide victory of the ruling moderate right party “Croatian democratic Union” Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich. According to experts, this success will allow her to limit the influence of the extreme right in the future government. In foreign policy, Croatia will continue to focus on the EU at the current level of relations with Russia. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in the Balkans Gennady Sysoev.According to preliminary data, the Croatian democratic Union (HDZ) can count in Parliament on 66 seats out of 151. His main rival leftist coalition, the “Reset” led by the Social democratic party, much less — 41 parliamentary mandate. Standing on the extreme right-wing positions, “Domestic movement” popular by Croatian Patriotic songs Miroslav Skoro showed the third result — 15 seats.Preliminary results contrast sharply with predictions that in the eve of the vote gave the major competitors is approximately equal to the result of 50 mandates. Therefore, two main sensations on the results of the election were unexpectedly defeated the left and the glaring inaccuracy of the predictions.One of the key causes of both, according to estimates by Croatian experts, was the fact that the elections took place in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus, which is in Croatia, though weakened, but not entirely overcome. Hence the lower than usual turnout of less than 47%. The polls didn’t come in first elderly — and that is the electorate of the left.Held under the sign of coronavirus campaign in General was in many respects peculiar. And it’s not only the refusal of the parties from holding campaign rallies or the need for voters to comply strictly with the voting the prescriptions of physicians. After a confident victory of the CDU is not justified, it seems, and forecasts are predicting a long and difficult formation of the new government of Croatia. According to estimates of the famous Croatian expert commentator for the newspaper Jutarnji list Vlado Vurusic, a new study Andrei Plenkovich probably will form before the end of the summer. “However, it is even more important that the current and future Prime Minister has all the chances to do in the government without the extreme right,— said the expert, “Kommersant”.— Even if people Miroslav Skoro and will be in power, only in secondary roles. And in his party, the Prime Minister will be able to get rid of the supporters of the Alliance with the extreme right, which is important for positioning of Croatia in Europe”.In foreign policy, Zagreb changes under the new government should not be expected, says the interlocutor of Kommersant. “In relations with Russia Croatia will continue to adhere to General course with the EU”,— assured the “y” Vlado Vurusic and said that before how to become Prime Minister. Andrey Plenkovich was coordinator of the EU on Ukraine, which he probably has good connections. Therefore, according to the expert, the essence of future policy of the Zagreb in the East can be formulated as follows: to maintain good relations with Moscow to develop ties with Ukraine.