Melody J. put bleach in her husband’s coffee for months. However, she gets off lightly in court.

An Arizona woman spent months trying to poison her husband by putting bleach in his coffee. This was shown by several videos that Roby J. recorded using hidden cameras. As the US news platform WCCB reports, Melody J. did not receive a prison sentence in court, but only three years probation.

The original charge of attempted murder was downgraded to two counts of “admixing a harmful substance with food and drink,” according to the WCCB. Each of these charges could have resulted in a two-year prison sentence. However, the judge responsible ordered a three-year suspended sentence and psychological treatment.

This could not least be due to her husband, as he expressed to the court his wish that his wife should not go to prison. Nevertheless, he filed for divorce.

Roby, a member of the U.S. Air Force, noticed an unusual taste in his coffee during a deployment to Germany, according to ABC Arizona. After using test strips to discover that the coffee had traces of bleach, he set up a camera in the kitchen. His wife Melody caught her pouring a substance into the coffee. However, Roby did not file a lawsuit during his stay abroad.

According to ABC Arizona, returning to the United States and then relocating to Tucson, Arizona, did not change Melody’s behavior. At the temporary quarters at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Roby again set up a camera that captured Melody pouring something into the coffee maker. Initial reports to Tucson police did not lead to an investigation because the footage was inconclusive. However, Roby persisted and installed more cameras that looked like smoke detectors to collect clear evidence.

Eventually, Roby was able to capture on video how Melody poured bleach into a container and then filled it into the coffee machine. A search of the house was then ordered, during which the smell of bleach was detected in the liquid in the coffee machine and in a container under Melody’s bed. Roby told ABC Arizona that he suspects his wife may be after a possible death benefit.

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