the Most expensive kebabs in Russia, as it turned out, cook near Novorossiysk.

for Example, the Deputy head of the city Ekaterina Demchenko paid for them their position. This is the folk version.

everything Turned out pretty traditionally. We understand and see that quarantine, isolation and other restrictions — this is for you, for the people. But for the owners and a party to organize, where kids poems will be read (Sobchak very moved by how her son made), and the service in the temple (remember, Yes: “solid Lord for respectable gentlemen”), and fishing, and barbecues. Near Novorossiysk on may 10, during the regime of self-isolation, local elitki at the recreation center had a picnic. With volleyball, fun games in the fresh air, barbecue and other culinary pleasures. Frolicking without publicity, as in the capitals adopted, everything would be hush-hush. But no, we must live in the network spread. Otherwise, not cool.

lit up On the video Demchenko, and osatanevshih from six weeks of sitting in four walls the people howled in social networks. The mayor of Novorossiysk, Dyachenko Igor soon realized what to do. “Municipal employees in General personify the power of the city and have no right to prevent behavior that undermines the authority of the government,” — said Dyachenko and rapidly fired his Deputy. People liked it. Well, that’s nice. Skewer — the weapon of the proletariat.

There is, however, something else. The owner of recreation at first protested, saying that all was closed, and the video was fabricated. Then ceased to deny the obvious and stated that it will conduct an internal audit. But Demchenko gave the beautiful: I say, there happened to be, was 40 minutes, I was asked to come and talk to one person, but with whom and what not to say.

Judging by the number and quality of cars, caught on video, the people there was not easy. And local residents in social networks claim that saw the shooting officials and developers.

And the Deputy mayor, then goes in conditions of isolation “to talk to one person” at the recreation center, responds to a request. Not on the phone (that’s right, comrade major?), not in the office… isn’t that Interesting?

If Demchenko was fired for barbecue, for violation of the regime of self-isolation, how punished all the other players in a fun tusovochka? Installed? Fined?

Not yet ready for the people’s version of justice. Raw. Gagarinite.