Nent Group has not managed to extend the TV rights to the mesterligaen in football in Norway and Sweden, from 2021. In Denmark retains Nent Group albeit the right.

– We have followed our promise to remain disciplined and not put in higher bids than we can count home investment, ” says Nent chief Anders Jensen to the Campaign.

It is not yet known who has secured the Norwegian rights to the mesterligaen from the 2021/22 season.

two months ago won the Nent Group round of the Premier League for six seasons from 2022 and assumed thus TV 2’s main sportsrettighet. It was not cheap.

” We’ve been going pretty hard up on rettighetssiden with the Premier League for six seasons, and in Norway for the first time, and then we add in addition to winter sports with skiing and alpine skiing and formula 1 in Finland for the next year. That there comes a reaction to that, was as expected, ” says Jensen.

IN the MESTERLIGAEN: Erling Broke Haaland has storspilt for his German club Borussia Dortmund in mesterligaen this season, but in the åttedelsfinalen against PSG smoke them out of the tournament.

Photo: Martin Meissner / AP

In a news release informs the Nent Group that they at the same time has secured the rights to the europaligaen three seasons from 2021 to 2024. The agreement also includes the Uefa-the new Conference League, a third europacupturnering starting up in 2021.

In the year we have secured the us rights to the Premier League, the Bundesliga and formula 1, and now we get two additional tournaments to the sportsporteføljen our Europa League and Conference League. The future is looking bright for sportsglade Chummy customers, ” says sportssjef Cecilia Gift in Nent Group in Norway.

Europaligaen is the tournament at the level just below the Champions League. The last two seasons have Nent Group shared a part of mesterligarettighetene with the TV 2.