Zucchini are not only healthy: The green pumpkin plant also proves to be particularly versatile. We’ll show you ten varied recipe ideas that will keep you from getting bored, even after you’ve eaten zucchini repeatedly.

There are countless zucchini recipes that focus on the healthy vegetables. Below you will find out why zucchini are so healthy and what you should look out for when buying them. Then we will introduce you to a variety of zucchini recipes that are guaranteed to taste delicious.

The best time to buy zucchini is in season, i.e. between July and October. You can recognize a fresh zucchini by its smooth, undamaged skin. You shouldn’t have any soft spots. If you buy the zucchini loose, you have a better chance of getting a fresher specimen than if you bought it packaged. After you buy the zucchini, it is best to store it in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator, where it will keep for about a week. As you prepare the zucchini, make sure the veggies aren’t bitter. Then you should not consume it, since the curcubitacins it contains can trigger vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, it is better not to use bitter zucchini.

If you want to eat fewer carbohydrates or want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, zucchini spaghetti will do the trick. Zucchini vegetable spaghetti, also known as zoodles, are a great alternative to spaghetti. For the best result, use long zucchini and a spiralizer, so the zoodles look almost like regular spaghetti. If you don’t have one, you can also use a vegetable peeler to cut thin strips from the zucchini.

Instead of potatoes, you can also use zucchini for fries. These are a lower calorie and healthier option than their carb-based original.

Zucchini can be eaten not only boiled, baked or raw, but also frozen. Together with lemon and basil you can make a delicious popsicle from zucchini.

Especially in summer you don’t always feel like standing in front of the stove for hours. A delicious raw zucchini salad is particularly refreshing on hot days. And you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for long, because the salad is made quickly.

Chips tend to be very high in calories and greasy. Zucchini chips from the oven, on the other hand, are a much healthier and more nutritious alternative.

If you have too many zucchini, you can make a creamy soup out of them. This is quick to prepare and also suitable for freezing.

You can also make a delicious relish from zucchini. This is a sweet seasoning sauce that goes well with grilled food.

Zucchini in the cake and that should taste good? Yes, you read that right, zucchini are also very good for baking cakes. The following recipe is reminiscent of carrot cake and is perfect for dessert.

If you have zucchini in the garden, there may be times when you can’t eat all of the zucchini at once. We recommend pickling the courgettes instead, so you can enjoy them in winter too.

So that you can still have some of the delicious zucchini in winter, you can also freeze them. This method is particularly useful if you have zucchini in your garden yourself. Choose small courgettes, wash them and cut off the ends. Then grate the zucchini with a kitchen grater. Then put the mixture in a sieve and let it drain for about an hour. You can also express the grated mass again with a spoon. Then fill the grated zucchini in portions in screw-top jars and freeze them. So you still have delicious zucchini in winter.

If you now also want to harvest zucchini from your own garden, feel free to read our article on planting zucchini.