As it became known “Kommersant”, today in Caracas from Moscow will be delivered a new batch of humanitarian aid — about 500 thousand packs of insulin. Back empty Boeing 767-300 will fly in Moscow, according to preliminary data, should be taken out of 77 people — not only Russian citizens, but also ten Belarusians and one Ukrainian. Thus, in contrast to most export flights in Russia, air tickets from Caracas distributed free of charge. Quarantine in Venezuela, involving the closure of the borders, was introduced in mid-March, which, according to President Nicolas Maduro allowed “to contain the epidemic by 90%”. The opposition, however, official statistics does not believe, and to the calls of the head of state to sign a “big humanitarian agreement” is extremely cautious.”Uniting the efforts of business and government”At the end of April, the Ambassador of Russia in Venezuela, Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov, told “RIA Novosti” that “very soon, closer to the Victory Day”, in Caracas will be delivered “a massive new batch of medicines, more than 40 tons.” The range of goods he decided not to ask. As it became known “Kommersant”, we are talking about approximately 500 thousand packs of insulin. “This is enough for a month fully meet the needs of the population — more than 400 thousand patients with diabetes”,— said “Kommersant” in the company “GEROPHARM”, which produces exclusive supplies these drugs in the Bolivarian Republic, and added that the time in 2019 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, an agreement was reached, “international players almost completely stopped the supply of essential drugs of insulin in Venezuela, the local manufacturers of insulin not available”. It is planned that by the end of the year in Venezuela will be delivered over 5 million packages of drugs.Back empty Boeing 767-300 will not fly. On Wednesday evening the Ministry of communications has issued a schedule of the export of flights on the next three days. Among other things, they pointed out the flight AZV2502 Caracas—Moscow. The departure is scheduled for the morning of may 9. Tickets were distributed for free, which can be considered a rare case: usually the passengers who wanted to take advantage of the export flight to Russia, either had to have a ticket to another previously cancelled flight or book a flight.Ambassador Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov, in comments to “Kommersant” reported that the plane was provided by the company “GEROPHARM” “on your own initiative and free of charge” that is “a successful example of joining efforts of business and government in addressing the difficult humanitarian tasks.” In turn, the company’s CEO Petr Rodionov gave a slightly different version of events, noting: “When we received a request from the Russian Embassy to consider the ability to pick up on the back PU��and our countrymen, we simply could not respond — do not throw their Russian”.According to “Kommersant”, in the preliminary lists for the departure were 77 passengers, and it is not only Russians, but also ten citizens of Belarus and one citizen of Ukraine. In Embassy of Russia in Venezuela, the question of who flies on a flight to Moscow, did not comment.As always in such cases, a Telegram was created the chat “public Services: Venezuela—Russia”, which published information about the flight Caracas—Moscow. The “y” failed to find its passengers. Mostly members of the group were Russians stranded in other countries of Latin America. So, Elena aksenteva told “Kommersant”: “it Seems that our group will not be able to take advantage of this flight. I am in Chile. And to reach Caracas no. Flights to Caracas (which, according to the online scoreboard, sometimes once a week) sold out”. She noted that today in Chile there are about 50 Russian citizens. Pavel Tikhonov said that he came as a tourist in Argentina, stuck there and waiting for evacuation flight. “We are there 170 people. Regularly chatting, writing appeals to various authorities. Financial aid is not received, even in the long-term plans to export us there,”— he said “Kommersant”. Met in chat the Russians, stuck in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. By the way, according to the original plan, was to make a landing on the way to Moscow the plane from Caracas. “But without any explanation, these plans were canceled. Assume that the problem is in the country: the border is closed, and stopping is impossible,” he said on condition of anonymity the interlocutor, “b”, stuck in the Dominican Republic.”I wrote to the airline which provides Charter flight, with the question about the possibility to get on Board, but I said nothing. No answer and left a letter in “GEROPHARM”. So we’ll have to wait for the resumption of regular flights”,— he said and added that no one blames you, as now in Russia there is a ban on travel of citizens abroad. According to the interlocutor of “Kommersant”, the employer in Venezuela reacted to the situation with understanding and “long wait” for his return.”Dictatorship gives Venezuelans choice”Prohibition of receiving aircraft of other States operates in Venezuela since March 17. The day before, four days after revealing the first case of infection with mers throughout the territory of the Republic a quarantine was imposed. Nicolas Maduro strongly urges people to stay home and even previously released a list of TV series that are recommended during the quarantine, see “to anyone with a subscription to Netflix”. According to the President, protective measures were taken in time, the epidemic “was able to keep 90%.” As of may 7, in Venezuela recorded 379 cases of infected, th�� coronavirus, and 10 people died and 176 were already recovered.The opposition puts these figures into question. “Dictatorship gives Venezuelans choosing to die from starvation or from coronavirus,— said earlier, Juan Guido, who in January 2019 proclaimed himself President of Venezuela.— Almost half of the Venezuelan hospitals have no running water. Main children’s hospital was recently left without electricity for nine hours. Nurses have no way to get to work, because there is no petrol or public transport”. Doubt in official statistics expressed in the state Department.”Indeed, in hospitals there are problems with the ventilator, x-ray machines and computed tomography, even with the usual water, not enough masks. There is reason to doubt the information on the number of tests conducted,— said “Kommersant” the Director of the Center for Ibero-American studies, St. Petersburg state University Victor Kheyfets.— But this, paradoxically, makes you calmer attitude to government data. If under such a terrible condition of the health system the number of cases COVID-19 would be a lot more, saw it all at once. Example — Ecuador (there were 31.8 thousand cases.— “Kommersant”)”. According to the expert, “is that Venezuela is still in a better situation compared to many countries in the region, play the role of several factors: first, the frightened Venezuelans are not particularly eager to break the quarantine, and secondly, initially the country was less opportunity for communication with the outside world — scale migration crisis and hyperinflation dramatically reduced the number of persons travelling abroad and returning back.”From the beginning of the pandemic Nicolas Maduro actively develops this theme in his speeches. So, Russia and China he thanked for the delivery of humanitarian assistance (Moscow, for example, in March—April, sent 30 thousand tests for coronavirus). US and EU urged to lift sanctions (and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation this initiative is strongly welcomed). Friendly Caribbean Nations had sent humanitarian aid in the form of tests for coronavirus (perhaps the same, who received from Russia and China). Members of the non-aligned Movement had proposed an international humanitarian Fund to support health.The Venezuelan opposition and Nicolas Maduro, speaking about COVID-19, has declined to sign the “big humanitarian agreement in the name of health and peace.” The Russian foreign Ministry said that this approach “reflects the vision of responsible politics, a genuine national leader who puts the interests of security of life and health of the citizens of their country and not some selfish calculations”. However, the Venezuelan opposition accepted the idea without the ENTiasma. According to them, Nicolas Maduro is simply trying to take advantage of the difficult situation in personal purposes. Evidence that they considered his recent statement that this year’s planned parliamentary elections can be postponed, because “the priority is the fight against COVID-19”.Paul Tarasenko