Three years after the beginning of the development of the draft law on regulation of electronic Smoking devices adopted in the second reading. As a result, manufacturers of these products managed to ensure that their products were not equivalent to traditional cigarettes, and in a separate category-nicotine products. This will help companies to avoid some of the technical requirements for cigarettes, in particular mandatory labelling and the need to affix tax stamps.The state Duma adopted in the second reading a draft law regulating the circulation of electronic means of delivery of nicotine (ESDN). The document was considered by the deputies on 21 June. In the framework of the bill ATTN severed from traditional cigarettes category-nicotine products, which are subject to all the restrictions, including a ban on open display in stores and advertising. In addition, it found maximum doses of nicotine in liquids for electronic cigarettes 20 mg, and the turnover securitising products, such as nicotine candy and sucking Nikki, prohibited (see “Kommersant” on 30 June).The bill was developed and submitted to the Duma in early 2017 by a group of senators headed by Valery Ryazan. In the document are assumed to be the same restrictions on electronic Smoking devices, and cigarettes, with the exception of the ban on the layout of the Windows and distribution of promo. This was particularly important to market participants who feared that without the ability to inform consumers about new products sales will stop growing. But later the companies did not manage to lobby for appropriate relief for yourself. At the same time, the bill was changed so that ESDN was attributed not to tobacco products and allocated in a separate category.Now the impact of e-Smoking devices on the human body are not fully understood, and depending on what happens on the practice, may be decisions on further regulation of categories, said Mr. Boyarsky. He added that the third reading of the bill will be adopted on July 22.But the allocation ESDN in a separate category gives their manufacturers a number of advantages now.They are not subject to mandatory labelling, declaring and also they are not subject to the need for gluing excise stamps. For technical regulation ESDN expected to develop separate regulations for nikotinsoderzhaschie products. Its developer, according to the Protocol of the meeting of the Eurasian economic Commission on the feasibility of installation of a single requirements-nicotine products from 18 June (a copy is in “Kommersant”), acts of the Ministry of economy of Armenia. There, in Tu��, expect to provide the draft regulations to the fourth quarter of 2022.Maria Kotova