Vanessa may (26) does not go on tour, first. The singer wanted to tour from October through Germany – now may informed their Fans that the Shows will not take place. In the case of Facebook of she writes Love: “I must tell you something: We move my Tour. And it is important for me to explain to you why.” However, the explanation for the cancelled Shows surprised.

may need more time

“I am for some time in an insane creative process, which you might get. And as you know, I’m not afraid of change. I love you! Just as I love to take you all with on this trip and would like to be always honest to you, and you know it!” And further: “There are many new, sometimes surprising, Songs that I would like to share particularly in the case of a Tour with all my impressions, feelings and experiences in a creative way with you. For this process, I just need a bit more time. With this decision, I can promise you, however, that The Best is ahead of us!”

Tickets purchased in advance will be refunded back to the Fans at the ticket offices. “A new Tour-I’m going to give as well-known as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the circumstances, but I’m sure you understand me and we will see you soon again on stage!”, writes may.

“On the ticket sales, it was not safe,”

reports such As “image”, sold the Ticketsfür Corn Tour so far is not good – the halls, where the singer should occur tracks for you from the beginning too large. Fans to suspect that the Tour will be completely cancelled, because the Tickets need to be returned. The “Never”Star denies that the tour was postponed due to sluggish ticket sales. “The ticket sales, it was not safe. And no, I’m not pregnant. Of course, this decision was not easy for me, the feel of my Fans. And I am aware that this shift brings with it for a Few strains. For the inconvenience caused, I want to apologize in Form,” says may. (kad)