A church near Randers has the last week been plagued by vandalism. Now the sins are probably found.

east Jutland Police has found two boys, respectively 12 and 13 years, which is believed to be left behind.

It appears Our Police sample daily report.

the Vandalism occurred against the Enslev Kirke in Talks at Randers, where the two witnesses have described to police how they saw two people carry out vandalism.

the Witnesses saw among others, the characters show the buttocks and pee on gravstenene. The ward council in the church have even found the walls smeared in feces. In addition, more signs and shrubs at the church also destroyed.

After one of the above-mentioned vandalism-episodes police found a discarded cell phone, which led police in the direction of the young boys.

They are supposed to stand behind the serious vandalism in the church.

Forældreparrerne for the boys was contacted, since they are under the age of criminal responsibility. In addition, the social authorities also informed, writes the police finally in døgnrapporten.