Röttger, member of the information of the conservative Association “Union of values” and of the Junge Union, had referred to in a Tweet Muslims as a “Pack”.

the party Manager of the CDU responded and asked Röttger, has deleted the Tweet now: “you Leave the CDU! Your attitude is not that of the CDU! I am ashamed for people like you, who define themselves with the disparagement of others!!!“ And Hovenjürgen behind pushed: “So, now you know my attitude!!!”

Hovenjürgen announced: “We will process an Order and an exclusion check!” This procedure will take for a longer time. In the CDU, but there is “no home for the baiting, and reduction”, – stressed the Secretary General.

Röttger ready to “Pack-Tweet”: “This is explained to my rhetorical manner,”

Röttger on Twitter. “I deleted the ‘Pack-Tweet’ now. Anyone who posts or my Twitter Account, look at regardless of whether you share my political positions, or not share, my Blog for longer than five seconds, you will soon realize that I use a language that some poles look at mixing, the other as a pejorative. This is my rhetorical way, and I’m going to keep it that way, too.”

Röttger argues that he did only want the Islamic Council to criticize, who had been asked in the Corona-crisis financial support from the Federal government and the länder.