Valery Todorovsky advised what movies to watch in isolation

Valery Todorovsky, Director

– I’m still catching up on the Affairs and obligations, so sit down to watch a movie has not yet happened. But if that moment comes, I’m going to review my favourite LONG movies.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti Vyacheslav Murugov advised what movies to watch in isolation

1 “the Sopranos”

2 “the Customer is always dead”

3 “Scenes from family life”

4 “Fanny and Alexander.”

5 “the Godfather”

6, “Solaris”

7 “Casino,” Martin Scorsese

8 “Munich” Steven Spielberg

9, “Barry Lyndon”

10 “shop on the square” Jan Kadar and Elmar Kloss

11 “zodiac” David Fincher

12 “the 20th century” Bernardo Bertolucci

13 “At the end of the day” James ivory

14 “Intermediary” Joseph losey

15 “Day of the Locust” John Schlesinger

16 “Sweet life” of Federico Fellini

And to all this I’d read “Anna Karenina,” of course.