Attempts to find a vaccine against the new coronavirus type conducted in many countries. In the UK a month ago, has already begun clinical trials of one of them. Then to participate in the experiment were selected a thousand people aged 18 to 55 years. The first phase was considered a success, and now scientists from the University of Oxford to expand the research, involving testing more than 10 thousand people, including children aged 5 to 12 years and the elderly 70.

As the Professor of Virology at the Institute of Jenner, on the basis of which the experiment is carried out, Sara Gilbert, the first stage of people older than 55 years showed a great interest in the tests, but the experimental group got only a small part of them. “Now, we can include more older people in the survey”, – quotes its BBC.

the participants of the experiment and introduces various types and doses of the vaccine to compare them. According to experts, the study will take from two to six months.

Initially, the researchers experimented on primates, and even made that vaccinated monkeys, the virus is not so greatly amazed the lungs and Airways. Now researchers are trying to achieve the same result on people.

To participate in the experiment are selected volunteers with good health, who agree to deliberately become infected with coronavirus. For this they receive remuneration 625 pounds and full medical care.

As previously stated the Minister of health of great Britain Matt Hancock, the implementation of the project the vaccine will be released to 52.5 million pounds. This amount is divided between the University of Oxford and the London Imperial University, whose vaccine trials to begin in June. Recent works on the creation of RNA-vaccines, which is “to give genetic a command to the cells of the human muscles” to produce a specific for SARS-CoV-2 protein.