Utkin explained the screams Soloviev live

Sports commentator Vasily Utkin said that the cries of the host Vladimir Solovyov during the broadcast on the YouTube channel connected with the fact that the journalist had not communicated with uncomfortable guests. The explanation he gave on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

According to Utkin, the nightingales for nearly seven years did not communicate on TV with someone “from whom a great point of view and at the same time he would not have had their hands tied, a gag in his mouth, take out just to man said.”

“With a huge variety of employees, the Chaldeans, whom he still rides, calls the last words — all this evening and it is unlikely for his private account,” he added. Utkin stressed that the esters Solovyov on YouTube is “so surprising and funny”.

the Sports writer said that their broadcasts for channel Soloviev Live, the host of “Russia 1” conducting from the Studio of RTR. “For people who live in YouTube, they, of course, especially delivered stream of Vladimir Solovyov,” concluded the commentator.

Earlier in one of the live broadcasts on YouTube Vladimir Solovyov screamed at employees, to help him in the preparation of the esters, and threatened them with dismissal for deficiencies in the work. The conflict occurred during the stream to answer Vasily Utkin.

12 APR Utkin in the broadcast channel “Rain” expressed indignation at the fact that he was forced to stay at home at their own expense and to continue to make all utility payments for the performance of the isolation imposed by the state. For criticism of the Russian authorities Solovyov called him a mentally ill person. The verbal sparring continued on Twitter.

Soon Utkin through a video message called leading to a verbal battle, assuming that the opponent is “just absolutely Sasse”. Solovyov refused and later in the video showered Utkin ridicule overweight and tried to expose his sexual orientation.