Blogger and well-known former sports commentator Vasily Utkin has responded to the scandal surrounding the goalkeeper of the Samara football club “wings of the Soviets” Evgeniya Frolova, who in an interview harshly criticized the Russian authorities, including President Vladimir Putin, for the lack of assistance to citizens during the epidemic of the coronavirus. Later the club decided to punish the player.

Utkin noted that this is a fairly simple situation: the player has the constitutional right to freedom of speech as any other citizen of Russia. And if the contract has a clause that contradicts the Constitution, it’s invalid. No matter is the contract signed athlete or not.

“Civil rights equally to men, women, children, goalies, regardless of their education, mental development and mental health,” Utkin wrote in his telegram channel.

Greater attention, in his opinion, deserves the behaviour of the club. Appeared on the website of “Wings” statement regarding the statements of Frolov is not addressed to the fans of the team. According to Utkin, the opinion of fans in this case has a much smaller value for the club than those who influence the funding of the club.

the text of the statement was “idiotic”, said the blogger. According to him, this achieves the goal of “separation and envy”. However, according to the same Constitution, the management has the right to such an opinion, he said.

“Only it is not necessary to RUB the comments on the club website and the fine, fine-it is still illegal two. And condemn, compel, bleat — please. Stupid rights are not limited” – summed up Utkin.

Utkin Himself recently criticized the government for lack of assistance to citizens, stating: “the State, you tell me why?”. These words provoked a prolonged conflict with the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov.

Resonant Frolov interview was published on the Youtube channel “Football scores”. In it, the footballer was outraged by the measures that the government adopted to combat the epidemic. According to him, people are forced to sit at home without work and money, but is financial assistance to authorities impose fines because “the people they care about – we need as slaves, as workers.” He also criticized the testimony of Vladimir Putin to the Russians, calling them “verbiage” that is not followed by any real business.

Soon after the publication of an interview guide “wings of the Soviets” made a statement in which he called the words of Frolov’s his personal opinion which disagrees with the position of the club. The club supports “the policies of local and senior management”.

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