The Microsoft AZ-500 exam is aimed at the candidates with skills in implementing threat protection and security controls as well as managing access and identity. The test also evaluates their skillsin protecting applications, networks, AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies and data within the Cloud and hybrid domains as an element of end-to-end infrastructure.

This is an ideal option for the Azure security engineers who are responsible for identifying and correcting vulnerabilities with the use of different security tools to check and verify their knowledge. Author: Maurice D They also have the relevant skills in implementing threat protection, responding to escalations of security incidents, and maintaining security posture. These professionals are usually a part of a bigger team saddled with the responsibility of Cloud-based security and management or hybrid domains.

Microsoft AZ-500 is a qualifying exam for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. This means that the applicants must be conversant with automation and scripting and should have extensive knowledge of virtualization and networking. They also need excellent skills in Azure products and services, Cloud capabilities, as well as other products and services within the domain of Microsoft. Author: Mathew L In this article, we will look at each of the skills highlighted in the content and explore how you can develop competence in each of them.

Managing Identity and Access

This skill area covers the highest part of the exam content, featuring about 30-35% of the questions. You should learn about Azure tenant security, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management to develop competence in this topic. 13March There are free training courses that you can explore to gain these skills.

Implementing Platform Protection

This section makes up 15-20% of the whole content. Your area of focus should be on Azure network security, Azure containers security, Azure host security,and Azure resource management security. Author: Spencer Z The students should also learn how Azure security groups, virtual machine system updates, and Azure policies function. They should know how Azure networking functions as well.They can read study guides and watch some video courses to get the required knowledge.

Managing Security Operations

This objective covers 25-30% of the exam content. To develop skills in this domain, the individuals need to study up on how to configure security policies, manage security alerts, and configure security services.They can opt for the official instructor-led training in this case.

Securing Data and Applications

This topic area makes up 20-25% of the exam content. 20% >> For this subject, you should learn how to configure security policies for the management of data. You also need to know how to configure security for data infrastructure and application security and learn about configuring and managing Key Vault along with implementing security for application delivery. There are a lot of practice tests and exam dumps on different third-party sources, which you can use with the courses or books.


All in all, to enhance your skills in the above-mentioned topics, you should definitely consider taking some training courses, whether you prefer the paid or free ones. It is possible to find many reputable websites that offer effective study materials. Thus, the Microsoft Learning Platform is a great place that the vendor offers for your preparation. Additionally, you should spend time taking practice tests and using exam dumps to prepare for Microsoft AZ-500. With the right tools, you can achieve your desired result at the first attempt.