the U.S. Department of defense will provide military assistance to Ukraine in the current fiscal year in the amount of $250 million for protection against “Russian aggression”. About it reported in a statement published on Thursday, June 11.

“the Pentagon announces financing program to support the security of Ukraine, which will focus on additional training and equipment to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against Russian aggression”, — stated in the publication.

Specifies that half of these funds depended on the successful conduct of reforms in the country. The Department noted “continuing progress” of Ukraine in the fight against corruption and carrying out the reform of the defense system.

the Pentagon also stressed its commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine and called the state their “most important partner at the forefront of strategic competition with Russia.”

28 may it became known that the Pentagon has notified the U.S. Congress to grant Ukraine an additional $125 million, as the country has made progress in implementing reforms.