U.S. Senator John Thune explained his country’s decision to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ZRS) C-400 from Turkey. About it writes RIA Novosti.

According to him, such a proposal was made to resolve differences between Washington and Ankara on the issue. However, in return, Turkey must promise not to acquire the money to other military equipment that is incompatible with NATO requirements.

the question of whether Ankara’s desire and right to resell without the permission of Moscow, is not discussed.

that the United States intends to buy from Turkey s-400 earlier, according to the publication Defense News. It was noted that an appropriate amendment to the draft law on budget allocations for national defence in 2021 fiscal year was proposed by Senator John Thune. In addition, another member of Congress Jim Risch proposed to introduce against Turkey sanctions 30 days after the law came into force.

the agreement on the supply of Turkey’s four battalions of s-400 “Triumph” in Russia was signed in September 2017. The value of the contract amounted to $ 2.5 billion, half will cover the Russian loan. Deliveries to Turkey started in July 2019. For fear of leakage of s-400 “Triumph” of the data, revealing the possibility of American fighters fifth generation F-35 Lightning II, Washington has suspended the supply Ankara this technique. Only Turkey was to receive more than 100 aircraft.