USA came in first place in the world in number of people infected with coronavirus. Trump called it a success test

the United States ahead of other countries in the number of reported cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. Only in the United States identified 85 thousand 840 infected. The three leaders also is China (81782) and Italy (80589), reports Johns Hopkins University. At the same time the number of deaths from the coronavirus (more than 1.1 thousand people), the U.S. inferior Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France.

the President of the United States Donald trump explained to the country in the first place by the number of cases of advances in mass testing. “I think we should pay tribute to our testing,” he said at a briefing. According to trump, the United States has spent “so much testing, how much no country in the world”, RIA “Novosti”.

the American Vice-President Michael Penny noted that the U.S. has already spent 552 thousands of tests for the presence of coronavirus. He said that Abbot Labs has developed a test that gives results in 15 minutes, RBC. Test sent for approval to the FDA food and drug administration (FDA), Ministry of health of the United States, added the Vice-President.

In the US, most cases of infection recorded in the States of new York (37 802), new Jersey (6876) and CA (3802), reports TASS. In new York the number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus during the day, jumped 40 percent.

meanwhile, The New York Times notes that the situation in the US exacerbated the “series of mistakes and missed opportunities” on measures to combat the spread of the virus in the country. Scientists have warned that the US at some time will become one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, the newspaper reminds, noting that “this moment came on Thursday.” His contribution made and the President of trump’s controversial statements about the severity of coronavirus and combat it.

due to the underestimation of the threat of mass testing started too late. Masks and other environmentsproperties of individual protection are unable to provide timely even doctors, not enough medical ventilators.

To March 27 in the world has registered more than 532 thousand cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. More than 24 thousand people died. Of these, more than eight thousand people died in Italy, more than four thousand – in Spain, more than three thousand in China. The five leaders with thousands of victims also includes Iran and France.