US regulators began an investigation last teggiano

the Federal trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission; FTC) is exploring the purchase of companies made in the past major technology giants said in a statement.

the Controller sent the Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft query to provide documentation of all acquisitions of small companies in the period from 2010 to 2019. The FTC is interested in the structure, amount and purpose of the transactions, which were not previously reported antitrust authorities.

“This initiative will allow the Commission to get acquainted with acquisitions in this important sector and to assess whether the Federal agencies adequate notice of the transactions that may harm competition. This will help us to keep technology markets open and competitive for the benefit of consumers,” — said in a statement, FTC Chairman Joseph Simmons (Joseph Simons).

Companies are required to report some, but not all the acquisitions the regulatory authorities in accordance with Federal law, but the FTC is now investigating concerns and past deals that could slip under the radar. The documents will help the Agency to understand, did Tehgigat transactions that are not tested by Federal authorities, to eliminate potential competitors.

the Announcement made in connection with the fact that the largest technology companies have faced various antitrust investigations from regulators in the US and in Europe who check that undercutting these companies competition in an unfair manner. Regulators are studying everything from the advertising business to Google, or cloud unit Amazon Web Services and ending with the processing of data about consumers and privacy issues in Facebook.