shock to all Federer Fans: The Maestro starts on Tuesday night to a really bad start to the last Grand Slam tournament of the year. When the score was 4:4 in the first set, Federer hammers a Forehand straight into the net – Break Nagal!

The qualifier from India brings then his service game and takes the first set. What a Surprise – the Fans in Arthur Ashe stadium are shocked.

But then Roger Federer shows why he was able to win this tournament five times. He finally finds his first serve, his Forehand is better. In lightening speed, Federer set number 2 and 3 fetches.

In the second round, a Bosnian

Also in the fourth passage seems to be Roger to pull through – he takes of the now passive active Nagal at the beginning of the impact. But then again, the same image as well an hour earlier: Federer a Ball spanks after the other – the Indian place again back in the game.

this Time, the bear market of the Maestro, however, takes only about ten minutes. He draws on 4:2 against when the score was 5:3 of the four break chances and ended the game with an ACE: 4:6, 6:1, 6:2 and 6:4.

Federer said after his rough US Open Start: “I played today as my Beard – everything was still a little rusty.” And promises for the next game: “I’m going to shave.”

Then he meets in the second round on the Bosnian Damir Arles (ATP 99). Against him, Federer 2:0 has a balance sheet. The last game is over four years: 2015 through Roger in the first round of Wimbledon in three sets loose. (nim)

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