Premiere in Massachusetts: For the first time in history, no man leads the state on the US East Coast. Maura Healey will also become the first openly lesbian woman governor in the United States.

Around seven million people live in Massachusetts. The state in New England with its capital Boston is traditionally considered progressive. World-famous universities such as Harvard, Amherst and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have their headquarters here. The popular Republican Charlie Baker had governed the state for the past eight years, but has now retired.

In the election campaign for the governorship, which could be compared to the office of prime minister in the German federal states, there was a clash between the Democrat Maura Healey and the Republican Geoff Diehl, who is supported by ex-President Donald Trump.

The former Attorney General of Massachusetts won the race with a clear lead and almost 64 percent of the votes cast. “We did it, Massachusetts,” announced the future governor on Twitter after her election victory.

Healey made a name for herself after completing her studies as a professional basketball player in Austria, where she played as a point guard for Wüstenrot Salzburg for two years. After returning from Europe, she received her PhD from Northeastern University in Boston. The lawyer subsequently earned her spurs primarily through lawsuits against Donald Trump and large corporations.

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Healey caused a stir at a 2020 Zoom conference in front of 30 members of the Boston Chamber of Commerce when she called on business leaders to act to end racial inequality and systemic racism. She ended her speech with the words: “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.” Translated: “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how the forests grow.”

With her election, Healey also ended a negative series known as the “curse of the attorney general”: Since 1958, i.e. for 64 years, all previous attorneys general who wanted to grab the governorship in Massachusetts had failed with their campaigns.

Healey and her running mate, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, are among three all-female candidates for governor and lieutenant governor this midterms who had a chance on Election Day to become the first such pair to be elected to state leadership . “I’m so grateful to have shared the ballot with such amazing women in this election,” Healey tweeted.

In Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the Republican nomination for governor and Leslie Rutledge for lieutenant governor. In Ohio, on the other hand, Democrat Nan Whaley and her competitor Cheryl Stephens failed to win. Here Republican Mike DeWine remains governor.

The US midterm elections are on Tuesday. Joe Biden’s Democrats could lose their narrow majority in the US House. Ex-President Trump announced an important announcement after the midterms.

In the dispute over the future financing of midwives in hospitals, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has now backtracked. After massive criticism from mothers and professional associations, midwives should now continue to be considered in the care budget.

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