US intelligence found no evidence of artificial origin COVID 19

As stated by the head of the Bureau of intelligence and research (INR) U.S. Department of state Ellen McCarthy, her office has no evidence of artificial origin of the coronavirus. She said this during a videoconference non-governmental organizations the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), reports TASS.

According to her, currently there is no evidence that the virus COVID-19 was created artificially or have undergone some influence from the person.

in addition, said McCarthy, INR doesn’t know where “patient zero” and where it came the spread of the novel coronavirus. “And maybe we we’ll never know”, she added.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo also said in an interview with us TV channel FoxNews that he has no information about the origin of the virus, however, have focused on China which, he said, refused the American side access to the laboratory and “in General, everywhere, where you could find the source of the virus”.