In this episode of Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series, Max and Stacy sit in with the host of the Breakdown podcast, Nathaniel Whittemore, to discuss the state of the US economy and the shaky position of the dollar.

According to the guest, some arrogantly assume that nothing can change in terms of the global power system, from which Washington currently benefits. However, history proves that this is simply not the case, and it may not keep getting away with it.

“The thing that’s crazy is that we’re living in a moment when the US is really rewriting the book every day about how far you can push different things,” Whittemore said. “This is an area of American exceptionalism that could be extremely dangerous the moment that it tips.”

According to him, we have “for the first time these really key geostrategic competitions” that are coming after “the way that the world is currently organized around the US dollar.”

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