TV presenter Ivan Urgant held a closed private event in St. Petersburg. The video was published by the Telegram channel “Nemakhov”.

“Urgant is in great demand at private parties. This time he performed in his beloved St. Petersburg,” the message says.

Recall, it is not yet known whether Urgant’s evening show will return to the air of Channel One. At the same time, the TV presenter is increasingly seen at private parties. So, recently there was information in the media that Urgant held a corporate party for employees of the Omsk bank.

Meanwhile, publicist Zakhar Prilepin in his Telegram channel reported that he was told how TV presenter Ivan Urgant was working on a new YouTube show “in the corridors of Ostankino”. In particular, the TV presenter “cheerfully recorded the liner notes for the new program.” Urgant himself has not yet confirmed this information.