There are occasional power outages in Germany. Even if these are usually remedied after a short time, expensive damage can result. The provider may have to replace them.

It is relevant that the problems with the power supply are due to intent or negligence. If a thunderstorm or other forces of nature were the trigger, the provider cannot be held responsible, as “T-Online” reports.

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Possible damage in the event of a power failure includes spoiled food from the refrigerator or dead pets, such as fish in an aquarium. In addition, certain devices can be damaged if they are disconnected from the power supply. The network operator also has to pay for possible damage to health as a result of a failed heating system. Damage caused by overvoltages is also compensated.

Victims should document all damage immediately. After that, the information must be forwarded to the network operator. They may send an expert to check the information.

To get money, the damage value must be at least 500 euros. The upper limit is 5,000 euros per connection user. There is also a total upper limit of 2.5 million euros for all customer claims.

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