Owners of oil and pellet heating systems should be relieved of heating costs. The traffic light group agreed on this on Tuesday. Households that heat with liquid gas should also get help. What consumers need to know now.

The traffic light factions in the Bundestag have also agreed on relief for people who heat with oil or pellets, for example. “I am very happy that in the parliamentary process we have now also found solutions for households that do not heat with gas or district heating,” said the deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group, Matthias Miersch, of the German Press Agency on Tuesday in Berlin.

Price brakes were already planned for gas and electricity customers, which the Bundestag is to vote on on Thursday. “A basic need for energy remains affordable,” says Miersch.

“Especially in rural areas, oil, pellet or other heating media are very common,” explained Miersch. “The federal government is making 1.8 billion euros available with which we can specifically cushion cases of hardship. The disbursement is organized as uncomplicatedly as possible via the federal states.”

Old arms deals with Russia could harm Ukraine. Putin canceled his final press conference for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, British intelligence reports that Russia lacks the clout to conquer Ukraine. All information about the Ukraine war can be found in the news ticker.

The fight for the eastern Ukrainian city is led by the brutal mercenary group Wagner. Bachmut has no strategic relevance for Russia. But President Putin wants to win again after six months – and is willing to sacrifice his soldiers for it.