On the background of stagnation of the market of commercial real estate warehouse sector continues to attract investors. Co-owner of service of individual storage “Attic” became a developer Vadim Kozeruk the son of the CEO of a General Contracting company GVSU “the Center” Anatoly Coteruca. Consultants are called, the market of individual warehouses perspective, including due to still low security space.That Vadim Kozeruk became the owner of about 2%, OOO “Loft”, which manages self-storage, it became known from the register. Vadim Kozeruk the son of the head of the General Contracting company GVSU “the Center” Anatoly Kasereka, who previously was a partner co-owner of MR Group Roman Timokhin. Vadim himself Kozeruk mainly engaged in real estate development activities. Thus, its structure was made by contractors during the construction of the shopping center “Lotus” (a project of MR Group) and the Federation tower (belongs to the “AEON development” of Roman Trotsenko) in “Moscow-city”. In addition, it follows from the register, Vadim Koserow belongs to an area of 1.4 hectares in Moscow on prospect Mira, where you can build a 35 thousand square meters of housing business class.”The attic” was founded in 2018 and running the subscription as a service storage. Rates start from 499 rubles. per month. On the idea of service to the users arrive the porters who take photographs of things, Packed and transported the boxes to the warehouse. The company had several rounds of investment, including $600 thousand in the autumn of 2018 and $2 million in the fall of 2019.The main share of “Attic” is divided between its founders, former Executive Director of Delivery Club by Konstantin Zakharov and project Manager of “Gazprom” Meganom by Durdymuradov. Among other investors of the project — President of a network of pizzerias Papa John’s in Russia, Christopher Wynn, a minority shareholder of O1 Properties Vladimir Zubrilin, managing Director of Invest AG (belongs to the shareholders of Evraz Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov) Sergey ludyn and co-owner of a consulting company in the field of real estate ILM Dmitry Myslin.Mr. Durdymuradov confirmed “Kommersant” “strengthening the team” business partners, declining to disclose the terms of the transaction. According to him, two years of work, “the Attic” had more than 5% of the market of individual storage and ready to expand to other cities, including outside of Russia. Contact Vadim Coteruca “b” failed.According to JLL, in Russia by the end of 2019 there were 66 warehouses individual storage with a total area of 169 thousand sq. m. While in Moscow the average cost of renting such objects is close to the European. So, in Moscow the users pay 18-24 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m a year, and in Europe — €259 per 1 sq. m a year (about 22 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). The average occupancy of warehouses in Moscow reaches 90%, whereas in Europe the figure is�� at 79%. In JLL noted that users typically rent storage boxes for a period of about nine months. The company called the Moscow market is promising, in particular due to the still low number of storage areas. The largest players on the end of 2019 was operators “Skladovka” (26 thousand sq m of leasable area), “city Boxing” (21 thousand sq m) and “Alfasud” (16 sq m), list consultants.The market of individual storage in the last time interesting and large companies. So, in the fall of 2019 AFK “System” Vladimir Yevtushenkov announced the creation of a joint venture with service “Kladovki”. For storage, the parties agreed to use the buildings of the former automatic telephone stations belonging to the structure of AFK “Business property”, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”.Elizaveta Makarova, Dmitry Shestoperov