At a Michigan supermarket, workers found a woman who had been living in the store’s rooftop advertisement for a year – in a fully furnished apartment.

An unusual living situation has caused a stir in the US city of Midland, Michigan. As the New York Post reports, craftsmen while working on the roof of a supermarket discovered an inhabited niche behind the store’s advertising board. The 34-year-old, dubbed the “Rooftop Ninja” by police, managed to live undetected in the supermarket signage for an entire year.

The craftsmen were hired by the supermarket chain “Family Fare Supermarket” to carry out work on the roof in Midland, Michigan. On April 23, they came across an extension cord leading to the secret living space. As they moved into the room, the workers encountered a fully furnished apartment with a small desk, flooring, a pantry full of food and a potted plant.

How the woman got to the roof and how she managed to remain undetected for a year is unclear. The police offered the unconventional squatter, whom they nicknamed “Rooftop Ninja,” to help them find a new apartment, but she refused any help.

The woman is not employed by the supermarket, but according to the New York Post she had a job and probably had access to a car. She was removed from the store premises. However, management agreed to have the furniture removed from the roof and returned to the woman. No criminal charges were brought against the secret resident.

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