The problem of guaranteeing electricity supplier “Volgogradenergosbyt”, formerly holding “Energostrim”, I have been able to negotiate with the energy market on debt restructuring 13 billion by this time the company promises to repay a debt to “Russian grids” until 2024, and to manufacturers of energy until 2027. The new agreement is the only way of energy to return the money, experts say.”Volgogradenergosbyt” again persuaded the power to restructure its debt to preserve the status of the guaranteeing supplier (GP, the main supplier of electricity in the region). The Supervisory Board of “market Council” (the regulator of energy markets) at the meeting on July 24 approved a new schedule of debt reduction companies before electricity providers, told “Kommersant” in the controller. To “Volgogradenergosbyt” have also managed to negotiate with network organizations in the region (controlled by the “Rossetti”), noted in the “market Council”. At this time, “Volgogradenergosbyt” undertakes to repay the debts to generating companies until the end of 2027, ensuring complete fulfillment of current obligations since the third quarter of this year, the agenda of the meeting of the Supervisory Board. With the company “rosseti South” approved the schedule of repayment of the debt until 2024, with VMEHS (enters into rosseti) the agreement has not yet been concluded, told “Kommersant” in the “Russian grids”. They added that the previous agreement with “Volgogradenergosbyt” terminated due to default.”Volgogradenergosbyt” — one of the most troubled retail companies in the energy market, formerly holding “Energostrim” Andrew and Valeria Handlowych and Yuri Zhelyabovskii. In 2013, almost all sales companies of the holding have lost their GP status because of debts. But “Volgogradenergosbyt” managed to convince the “market Council” that his debt was formed due to objective reasons-because of the nonpayment of the plant “Khimprom” (declared bankrupt). Now the ultimate beneficiaries of “Volgogradenergosbyt” is unknown. Among the owners of the company — Lilia Ponomareva (22,7%) and Astrakhan “Grice” (23.4%) and Cyprus Suarez Limited (22,1%).”Volgogradenergosbyt” regularly raises the issue of debt restructuring. Has been previously approved schedule of repayment of debts to suppliers of electricity from 2017 to 2021, and the company “rosseti South” — from 2019 to 2024. “Taking into account changes in the number of baselines as well as the situation in the energy market emerged a planned need to adjust schedules,”— say in “Volgogradenergosbyt”. According to the report, the total amount of accounts payable of the company before suppliers and contractors — of 13.74 billion roubles the Main creditors-suppliers — concern “Rosenergoatom” (1,1 billion roubles) WGC-2, “Gazprom energoholding” (1.1 billion rubles). Debt to grid companies as of June 1 amounted to about 4.1 billion rubles., said “Kommersant” in “Volgogradenergosbyt”. In the company insist that the main reason of formation of debts — non-payment customers. So, the enterprise “Khimprom” was in arrears in the amount of RUB 4.1 billion, is now “Himprom” is excluded from the register, and the debt written off to losses, the company said.For the preservation of “Volgogradenergosbyt” on the market primarily are the company’s creditors because they think it’s the only way to repay the debt, said the source “Kommersant” in the industry. With annual sales at around 1 billion rubles. it is difficult to imagine that in the event of a change of owner’s creditors can count on some significant share of the repayment of accumulated debt, says Vladimir Sklyar from “VTB Capital”. The “Volgogradenergosbyt” managed to stabilize the overall level of debt, the company is also trying to reduce selling and administrative expenses, the analyst believes. The key to resolving the situation is the repayment of receivables of consumers to “Volgogradenergosbyt” (at the end of 2019 7.3 billion RUB), concludes Vladimir Sklyar.Pauline Smertin; Sergei Petunin, Saratov