United Russia told about the visit to a non-existent hospital, and after the exposure blamed it on the inept journalist

state Duma Deputy from the Arkhangelsk region, member of state Duma Deputy from the Arkhangelsk region, member of “United Russia” Dmitry Jurkov

state Duma Deputy from the Arkhangelsk region, member of “United Russia” Dmitry Jurkov reported in the social network “Vkontakte” on the visit to the hospital in Kargopol and the presentation of the “new mommy” gift for newborns. That’s only maternity ward in Kargopol the hospital closed its doors in 2018, due to which women go to give birth over 450 kilometers in Arkhangelsk, and in extreme cases – over 80 kilometers in Nyandoma, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

Local residents erupted with angry comments to the post of Deputy. Bramblings later deleted the post and apologized. “Yes, of course I know that the hospital in Karopola no future mothers have to travel to other parts of the region. And this is a huge problem that I was told. This time the post was written by a young journalist, so to say “pen test”, it turned out bad, apparently decided to embellish,” – wrote the MP.

It is reported that in Kargopol the hospital observed 91 the mother, which the Deputy through the chief physician gave the sets for baby diapers, powder, diaper and probiotics both domestic and imported. “Because of this, they [the mothers] will be able to feel support and care from the state since the birth of the child,” said Yurkov. “I understand, just in order to sense of support and care from the state hospital and shut down?” remarked in the comments.

Explanation Yurkova about a young journalist, too, has caused a storm of new criticism. Users usaniwere that he exists. In response bramblings to offer to give his contacts to the doubters could see. According to the Deputy, the journalist who is just learning, also willing to apologize for the mistake. Bramblings agreed that he had to check written by student and stated that it shared responsibility. The Deputy also assured that the young man “will not receive a cap”.