(London) The Royal Mint, the official agency that mints the British currency, launched on Wednesday a range of coins dedicated to collectors and investors bearing the image of the famous British spy James Bond, to mark the 60th anniversary of the cinema hero .

This new series “offers 007 fans the opportunity to collect limited edition coins or invest in precious metals, gold or silver,” the organization said in a press release, presenting the first on Wednesday of seven pieces.

Each will represent an iconic scene from a secret agent film corresponding to a decade: the first, for the 1960s, shows Sean Connery’s Bond sitting in Little Nellie, the gyroplane (flying machine) from On Ne only lives twice.

The “007” logo, flanked by a gun barrel, appears at the bottom of the coin in ’60s style. The rest of the series will be revealed later this year and next year.

A piece starts at 14.50 pounds ($25) for the cupronickel version (an alloy based on copper and nickel), and up to 5,305 pounds ($9,000) for the most expensive, made of more of 62 grams of gold.