Due to a decline in demand from hospitals for blood products in this coronatijden, it has a Red Cross-Flanders has a high-bloedvoorraad. For blood the need to destroy, and is, therefore, decided temporarily to a small number of mobile collections and donors, to ask for a plasma to be donated, in place of ordinary blood.

a lot of non-urgent operations have been currently being postponed by the coronacrisis, the demand for blood products by the hospital and a third has fallen. This is a Red Cross-Flanders is a high-bloedvoorraad, which is a very exceptional case. In order to avoid this loss, it would have to be destroyed, will take a Red Cross-Flanders, some of the temporary measures.

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“the Blood is only 42 days of shelf life after the donation, and we’ll be able to ethically do not demonstrate that we have a blood collection that we might never administer,” says Our Tassignon Red Cross-Flanders in belgium. “There has been a dozen or so days, we will ask candidate blood donors for plasma donations, which can be up to three-year-long freeze to keep it, but the website seems not to be enough.”

as of Tuesday, will be a Red Cross on a small number of mobile collections to postpone it to a date in the month of June. Going to be the all the mobile inzamelmomenten to the 24th of april. Donors who are already registered, the demand for plasma to be donated to one of the six donorcentra or later will have to make an appointment.

the Plasma, which is the basis for a life-saving medication –

Plasma is given to patients in hospitals, but it is also used as the basis for many life-saving drugs. The need for these medications will be the same, making it a necessity to have plasmadonaties does not change.

Red Cross-Flanders, made earlier in the week and have eenoproep of men who have recovered from Covid-19 to the plasma is to come donerenmet the purpose of clinical trials. That is a plasma that contains antibodies against the virus and for a healthy person to protect an injured person and help you to heal faster.

It is very important that we have collections to launch, as soon as the hospitals are once again at full capacity, there will be a lot of blood is required.

In Tassignon Red Cross-Flanders,

Also, for the platelets in the blood decreases, the demand of the hospitals have less than.”It continues to be a challenge to find the supply to keep it, since platelets in the blood will also be extracted from blood donations, and less than a five-day shelf life. It is very important that we have collections to launch, as soon as the hospitals are once again at full capacity, there will be a lot of blood is needed”, said Tassignon.

make An appointment can be made via donorportaal.rodekruis.be, or by using the toll-free number 0800 777 00 pm.

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