This is not exactly something everyone keeps on with, but we engaged with it, think it’s incredibly fun, ” says Bilal Saab.

Additional fun is it when you fish a species almost no other norwegians have fished before.

Both Saab and his buddy Daniel Andersen is eager artsfiskere, and collect species of fish as others collect stamps.

Easter has given the comrades a new species on the list. For despite its name, it is not every day one gets a regular ringbuk up from the sea.

The first fish they had actually without knowing it yourself, then the Wednesday fishing from a pier on the south island in Finnmark.

– Daniel let me take it, since we thought it was a kystringbuk, as I had not fished before. The day after we got even more, and when we investigated closer, we saw that there was a common ringbuk, ” says Saab.

It was Fiskeavisen that mentioned the matter first.

Saab and Andersen got nature common ringbuk on the hook in easter, baited with shrimp outside Sørøya in Finnmark. – They hung firmly on the tareblader, ” says Bilal.

Photo: Private Probably new norgesrekord

After the catch was the duo really to get as many as possible of the nature.

– We have fished between 25 and 30. When the first one is taken, there are many who will come after and will try to get the nature. After the corona, is it enough a whole bunch here that will have the fish, grinning Saab.

The heaviest they got was in excess of 9 grams. The duo has submitted an application for the record to the Outdoor, which has been responsible for the registration of fiskerekorder since the 70’s.

Fiskeforsker at the national veterinary institute in Trondheim and a member of the Villmarkslivs norgesrekordjury, Bjørn Florø-Larsen, says the species has been fished in the past, but not in as large number as now.

– We have not received considered the application yet, but it is without doubt the best documented catches of the species on the rod, and it is certainly the largest, ” says Florø-Larsen, and says that the current record from 2005 is at 2 grams.

Daniel Andersen and Bilal Saab actually had plans to go fishing for kystringbuk and lumpfish, but was in ecstasy when a new art was in the box.

Photo: Bilal Saab Good time for fishing

Both Saab and Andersen have kept on with artsfiske in a few years, and fished, respectively, 69 and 121 different species.

no Matter what I do, so I’m a little “achievement hunter”. I play Playstation I will find out all kinds of weird and get all the trophies. When I fish, there is something special about it to drive and look, [ … ] and the gnu in order to obtain new species. I think it is very interesting, but it is incredibly peculiar, ” says Saab.

Since koronaviruset have put a stop to all concerts in the nearest future, have Stjernekamp-the winner plenty of time to cultivate the passion of his.

– There is a lot of time to spare in these korona-times, so when we get fished much. It’s fun! Music is little of a day, but we do a little bit with social media and try to plan some live shows. It is a different kind of life.

Bilal Saab is most known from the Stjernekamp, which he won in the fall. But the singer of the band NorthKid also works as a fishing guide for the family business Big Fish Adventure in Hasvik.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK Focus on diversity

Artsfiske is a hobby of growth, and is about to fish new species.

Fiskeforsker Bjørn Florø-Larsen is even an active artsfisker.

Photo: Nidaros kystmeitelag / NKML

Florø-Larsen is one of the people behind the site, where hundreds of norwegians have registered their catch – with information about size, weight, date and place.

– Some are hardbarka and try to fish absolutely everything, but it has also been a good inflow of people who just think it is fun to fish a new species. I think that’s fine. The most important thing is to have focus on the diversity of fish species, mean fiskeforskeren.

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