They have been married for 30 years but have never been truly happy. The woman regularly gets rashes in the bedroom. Now she fears that her husband could poison her.

A Florida woman has terrible suspicions that her husband may be poisoning her. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous and only goes by the name “Suspicious in Florida,” told the New York Post that she has been suffering from painful skin infections on her face for years, the cause of which remains unclear despite repeated treatments. The doctors don’t know why.

When she changed bedrooms, her skin problems improved. That’s why she now believes her husband might be responsible. They have been married for 30 years and have never been happy together.

“I recently moved from the master bedroom to one of the old children’s rooms because one of my infections spread to my sinuses and eye. My skin is getting better and I’m no longer in pain.”

She recently found a book about mushrooms that her husband apparently read. He marked places that say that fungi are parasites.

An expert from “NYP” advises the woman to talk to the police. “Your husband could be guilty of assault with intent to harm you.” This could also be an opportunity to end your unhappy marriage.

In love, engaged, married – and then what? Problems and crises are part of married life, but at what point is divorce actually an option? What alarm signals there are – and what helps. Experts say how to save an unhappy long-term marriage.

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