The Berlin federal police attracted a lot of attention with a report on the first names of gun owners on Twitter. “Because the question about the

Normally, after such publications, there are questions about the control situation or what is happening with the weapons, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Police Headquarters in Berlin. In this case, Twitter comments asked for the first name of the gun owner.

“We assume that this has to do with the current political debate,” said the spokeswoman, referring to the current discussion about the consequences of the New Year’s Eve riots in the capital. The federal police usually answer the questions. The spokeswoman said there was no reason not to do this in the current case.

The CDU parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives has been criticized for asking about the first names of suspects with German nationality in the context.

During the checks, federal police officers in Berlin and Brandenburg seized weapons such as a baton, airsoft guns, various knives, a meat hammer, a steel chain and a telescopic baton. According to the information, all of the accused were German nationals.