Understanding table position is vital to know when to play a hand

Table position is one of the most important things in poker. Where you are at the table will determine what hands you play. Most players do not realize the importance of table position and only focus on playing hands. You need to have a deep understanding of table position. Table position is the most important factor in deciding which hands to play. When you first act on the flop your hand is stronger than when you are last to act on the flop.

You should play conservatively when you’re the first to act

You should only raise pre-flop with strong hands. If you have a good hand, then call and raise post-flop. You should play aggressively with strong hands when you are the last to act. It’s best to always bet your strong hands because your opponents will bet you light.

Try your best to eliminate any limping in

When you are in early position, and the limpers are out of the hand, then you should raise with any two cards. You should not let someone limp into a pot when you’re in early position. This makes it easier for your opponents to get into position. Most poker online players start out in early position and play optimistically. They put a lot of money in the middle and not enough on the flops, since they want to act first. You shouldn’t play like this. Your opponents will be able to raise after the flop, and you’ll be in deep trouble. When you’re the first to act, you can choose to call or raise with your hand. If you’re in early position, you can choose to do this with any two cards. If you’re in late position, you can only do this with strong hands such as pocket pairs or suited connectors.

Being first to act means you have the edge

When you’re the first to act on the flop, then only play your strongest hands. This will help you win more pots. Try to bet your strong hands because your opponent may call behind you, give you a free card, and take away the pot equity. Your opponents may bet a lot of money, hoping to steal the pot from you. Your job is to use your strong hand to make them pay a lot of money. You should not play a lot of hands on the flop but bet your strong hands instead.

Table position is far more important than your hole cards

The hands that you play at poker88 are determined by your table position. It’s best to bet when you are the first to act on the flop. You should raise when you are in late position and call when you are in early position. Your table position will determine your range of hands. You should play as many hands as possible when you’re the first to act. When you are in late position, and then play fewer hands. Most players don’t realize this; they only focus on playing their strong hands. They also don’t pay attention to table position. If you don’t use table position correctly, you will lose money, and if you do use table position correctly, you will make more money. You should play aggressively when you’re in early position because your opponents are likely to be out of the hand.

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