Russian billionaire Maxim Levchenko undergoing COVID-19, published a diary of the disease and warned about the treachery of the new virus.

Managing partner Fort Group for more than a week was in the hospital with pneumonia. All tests for coronavirus infection gave a negative result. However, computerized tomography doctors showed COVID-19-pneumonia, writes the portal “news of Neva”.

by Itself, the virus seems to be not terrible, the disease began almost asymptomatic with signs of a mild cold, — said the businessman.

According to him, in mid-April on the Gulf of Finland in Zelenogorsk blew it. After that, he felt chills, and fatigue. Through the day the men began headache and aching muscles. The businessman had to go to the doctors. It was taken from one hospital to another. Constantly moved from house to house.


Levchenko was treated with antibiotics, droppers strengthening and breathing exercises. After some time, another test of the coronavirus came back negative and he was sent home, where he continued to follow the recommendations of doctors.

In addition, the businessman urged Russians to heed VariCam and to follow a policy of self-isolation.

Now the world COVID-19 were detected in more than 3.2 million people. More than 230 thousand dead. In Russia, according to the Federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, ill 114 431. To defeat the disease managed 13 220 patients, victims of coronavirus steel 1169.

Earlier, the chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of health Nikolay Briko stated that the incidence of coronavirus infection in Russia has not yet reached the plateau. He expressed the hope that the situation may change in the near future. According to him, the daily increase of new cases is about 5,9%, and in the beginning of the epidemic, these figures were 27%, wrote