At the moment the strongest division is called the Russian Premier League (RPL, 2018), the second – Football national League (FNL, 2011 ) and third – Professional football League PFL (2013).

– in our country there was a strange marking of the football divisions of the RPL, the FNL, PFL, – TASS quoted the head of the marketing Committee of the RFU Denis Solovyov. I think these abbreviations not caught on with the masses. People is not easy to explain why the former Second League is a Professional football League. RPL is not a professional? Hence, the idea is to bring all the League to a single line naming, to have names with a common logic.

According to Solovyov, as one of the options considered returning to the system that operated during the Soviet era and in the first half of the 90s- “Vysshaya Liga – First League – Second League”. Another possible title line of the “national League – development League – League of regions”. The head of the marketing Committee of the RFU said that will certainly be made and other options that will receive an expert evaluation and will be the subject of sociological study in the country. “For many FNL and PFL remained the First and the Second leagues,” – said Solovyov. In any case, if a rename happens, it is only the start of the 2021/22 season. “This should including from the perspective of the end-to-end marketing” – said the functionary of the RFU.