Under the condemnation of the West Iran has put into orbit the first military satellite

MOSCOW, 22 April/ Radio Sputnik. Iran has put into orbit its first military satellite “Light”, reported RIA news with reference to associated with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC, part of the armed forces of Iran) website Sepahnews.

Companion “Nur” (“Light”) was placed into a 425-kilometer orbit by the two-stage carrier rocket “Cased” (“Messenger”/”the Messenger”) on Wednesday morning.

Previous attempts to launch satellites into orbit Iran has been unsuccessful.

This attempt was condemned by Western countries. According to their statements, actions Iran did not comply with UN security Council resolution 2231, which prohibits Iran to conduct missile launches. This interpretation of the resolution is popular in USA and Western countries.

In Russia, notes that the exact formulation contains only the corresponding call.

In early February, radio Sputnik reported that Iran intends to launch a satellite into space “Zafar”.

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