How the future looks like for the Danish festivals, however, are a completely different and more obscure case.

Even if the B. T. has spoken with an expert who predicts that some festivals will go bankrupt because of coronakrisen, then it is at the present time most of the festivals that either can or will relate to, about their festival will continue to take place in the future.

It makes the situation, for example, current at Nibe Festival.

“We know at the present time, the consequences here are going to get for Nibe Festival. We are not at all resolved about,” says Peter Møller Madsen, spokesman and festival director at Nibe Festival, but stresses that, from the festival page has a great understanding from the authorities ‘ ban.

Festivallederen has earlier told that a cancellation would have severe consequences for the festival, but that it was uncertain as to whether a cancellation would give the festival the death knell. Although the cancellation has since been a reality, the message remains the same.

“We’ve got the ban, and have of course cancelled the festival, but everything else follows afterwards. We sincerely do not know what is going to happen, but, of course, get it here, the consequences for the Danish festivals,” says Peter Møller Madsen.

He stresses, however, that he is optimistic for the future of cultural events in general – also for Nibe Festival: “We have made festival in Nibe since 1985, and it has we are indeed going to continue.”

not at the langeland festival dare to make predictions about the future.

‘The current situation has, of course, turned up and down on it all, but we think and hope that we come out the other side stronger,’ writes the festival’s media responsible, Niclas Andersen, in an email to B. T. and adds:

‘We think this crisis may have an effect on the Danish families and their feriekultur in a way, where more danes in the future will be holding their holiday in Denmark to support the Danish cultural life. It, think and, we hope, comes the Danish festivals, for the benefit.’

the langeland festival has on Tuesday issued a press release in which they inform, that all, who have bought the ticket for langeland festival 2020 will automatically get it exchanged for a ticket to 2021.

It is reported, however, that the festival is awaiting a response from the government regarding compensation schemes and stimulus packages to cultural life. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the guests who have already purchased tickets, will have the opportunity to reimburse them.

Also at the Tønder Festival is awaiting a response from the government to assess how the festival’s future looks like.

‘We go now to examine what it will mean for the Tønder Festival, and there is a lot of work ahead of us to find out how there can be a festival in 2021,’ writing, artistic leader and press officer of the festival Maria Theessink and adds:

‘We await the announcements from the authorities on the stimulus packages, so there goes some time before we have a full overview.’