UN Further dissemination COVID 19 threatened by hunger in West Africa

Further spread COVID-19 may lead to an increase in the number of hungry people in West Africa by 50 million people. This opinion was expressed by Kumba Sow. Coordinator Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations on issues of resilience for the region noted the unfavourable situation in the territory.

“In West Africa are starving around 11 million people. If you do not take decisive action now, in summer this figure could rise to 17 million,” writes RIA Novosti, citing a statement of the JMA.

the Worsening of the pandemic will not only lead to higher prices for products, but also to the depletion of food stocks. This crisis may affect 50 million people in the region. According to experts, at risk – children, women, and nomadic pastoralists, and farmers. The organization, according to the JMA intends to help the region in this difficult period.

According to recent reports, countries in West Africa there are about eight thousand infected with a coronavirus, 205 people died. World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic.