In a number of countries worldwide and some cities the number of traffic fatalities has decreased with the introduction of coronavirus measures of isolation and quarantine. This was stated by the President of the International automobile Federation (FIA), the special envoy of the UN Secretary-General for road safety, Jean Todt.

According to official data, the death rate in road accidents decreased by 50-60% (compared with 2019 the year) in France, Norway, Sweden, Spain and in new York. On a similar trend is also reported India and Morocco. Meanwhile, as pointed out by the special envoy, he expected that the figures will decline, at least in proportion to the speed reduction of the total traffic. However, in some countries, this has not occurred.

According to Todt, in many parts of the world because of the decrease of legal regulation in the deserted streets dramatically increased the number of cases of excess speed. “The increased speed makes every accident is more serious, resulting in deaths, not injuries. Consequently, the rate can explain the discrepancy between the level of reduction of deaths on the roads and General traffic”, the statement quoted RIA Novosti.

Todt also underlined that the decline in mortality not only eases the burden on the health system, but also creates significant financial benefits for governments. Thus, the California authorities stated that “save” 40 million dollars a day just to reduce by 50% the number of deaths in traffic accidents.

special Envoy called on the authorities of the countries of the world keep falling mortality rates in an accident and after the pandemic coronavirus.