UN chief urged to refrain from repression in the fight against coronavirus

United Nations, April 23 – RIA Novosti. UN chief Antonio Guterres urged to prevent violations of human rights under the emergency regulations in the countries struggling with the coronavirus.

on Thursday, he presented a report on the issue of human rights while countering with a coronavirus in the process of reconstruction after the crisis caused by the pandemic.

As pointed out by Guterres in a video message, the pandemic COVID-19 is not only the emergency situation in public health, but also economic, social and human crisis, which in turn “is fast becoming a crisis of human rights”.

According to him, the virus affects all without exception, but the effect it has manifested in different cases in different ways. He pointed to the fact that the virus exposes the deficiencies in the provision of public services and reveals the inequality that prevents access to these services.

“We see a disproportionate impact on certain communities, the growth of hate speech and attacks on vulnerable groups and risks to the implementation of strict security measures that undermine efforts in health care,” said Guterres.

According to him, it is necessary to ensure that any emergency measures, including a state of emergency was lawful, proportionate, non-discriminatory, had a specific focus and duration.

“amid growing nationalism, populism, authoritarianism and anti-human rights in some countries, the crisis could serve as a pretext for retaliation for purposes not associated with the pandemic. This is unacceptable,” he said.

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