worldwide there has been a marked increase in violence against women in the home in recent weeks, says UN chief.

the UN secretary-general calls on governments all over the world to protect women as a part of their response to the deadly coronaviruspandemi.

Violence is not limited to the battlefield.

– For many women and girls lurking threat where they otherwise ought to be safest. In their own home, says António Guterres in a video released with subtitles in several languages.

– In the course of recent weeks as the economic and social pressures have grown, we have seen a horrific increase in domestic violence on a global level, says Guterres.

– I calls on all governments to take preventive steps and ensure that violence against women in the home is becoming a central part of their national action plans for Covid-19.

the Secretary-general calls on governments to create warning systems in pharmacies and in grocery stores, so that “women can ask for help, without their abusers know it.”

António Guterres reiterates its call for a global ceasefire.

A global ceasefire to protect vulnerable civilians in conflict zones from the problems that coronavirus brings with it.

Experts and diplomats predict that the pandemic could cause chaos in konfliktlande, since they often are very poor and have fragile health systems.

Especially vulnerable in conflict zones likely to be hit hard, have António Guterres stated earlier.

– the Virus is not care about nationality, ethnicity or faith. It attacks all mercilessly. While raging armed conflicts around the world.

– The most vulnerable – women and children, persons with disabilities, the marginalised and people on the run – pay the highest price. They also have the greatest risk to suffer the greatest losses from Covid-19, said Guterres at the end of march.