“In terms of downtime, reduction of volumes of made production and rendered services, and also because of the violation of our joint plans for the development of the region formed although not critical, but the difficult situation which is compounded by a decline in real income of our citizens and reduce the demand for our products and services. The way out of the situation is, but it is necessary to change each element of the system,” said frost.

the head of the region believes that to rebuild in these circumstances have the competence of people employed in the economy, line up the supply chains to increase competitiveness through the development of technologies, expansion of production and reduction of costs. All you need is a joint effort of both the state and business.

“I encourage businesses to show social responsibility to society by demonstrating rational behavior inherent to the business class,” said the Governor.

In the Ulyanovsk Governor reported that today the number of unemployed in the region reached 27.5 thousand people. But its territory was more than 44 thousand business entities. And if every entrepreneur creates at least one job, you can close the problem of unemployment.

Sergei Morozov urged not to wait, and to invest its assets in the footage, the economy right now, at the beginning of the recovery period. They will depend on the future. The speed and quality of those decisions determine.

“Made at all levels, measures to support business yielded the expected result. Today it is obvious that the scale of the Ulyanovsk incurred business losses and financial losses have not been catastrophic. The time has come not just to minimize the damages and losses, and to take new competitive space both in Russian and foreign markets. We finished all of its resources to further assist you in this direction. Expect initiatives from the business and guarantee a professional and prompt response to them” – asked the head of the field.

According to Sergey Morozova, the business now need to wait for new ideas and implementing them via modern technology and financial investment. For this investment law of the Ulyanovsk region even in today’s challenging conditions guarantee stability for investors and protection of investments.

“Small and medium-sized companies enjoy our support in entering international markets, primarily to promote their products in foreign online stores and marketplaces. We will subsidize the logistics costs and maintain yield on an electronic trading platform. In the budget 2020, these goals have been incorporated fundsand. Capitalize the regional Fund of business support and considerably expanded the list of loan programs under the most loyal conditions. The expansion of the economic potential of the region does not stop for one minute,” said the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region.

During the period of restrictions in the area have signed seven agreements on the implementation of new investment projects. This is 4 billion rubles in the development of the region, more than 600 new jobs.

“I Encourage entrepreneurs to become the headliner of economic recovery”, – addressed the Governor to the business community.