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At the weekend met with more than 400 ultraortodokse men up at the funeral of a rabbi in the city of Bnei Break, in complete violation of government rules. Others in this Tel Aviv suburb of was upset that the police not intervened and dissolved gravfølget to prevent the infection to spread. They shouted “murderers” at participants in the funeral, according to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronot.

In Bnei Crash, which is dominated by ultraortodokse, has the virus now spread to eight times faster than elsewhere in Israel. The reason is that the nation’s most religious minority, which counts for 12 per cent of the population, do not have cared about the authorities ‘ strict rules.

ALL COME: When a from the ward disposal stops all up. Here from the funeral arrangements for Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky who was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in 2015.

Photo: RONEN ZVULUN / Reuters the Follow the rabbis

When the government closed the eateries, cinemas, university campuses and asked people to stay inside, came rabbi Haim Kanievski with the opposite information.

The polskfødte 92-year-old is of the most important spiritual leaders in the ultraortodokse the world. He told religious students to continue the studies on the many religious yeshiva’one. In this environment, they follow the rabbi’s and not Israel’s government.

Rabbi Kanievski have also said to friends that the best way to combat the virus is to stop gossiping about their fellow man and put the needs of others ahead of their own, according to the Times of Israel.

But if they ultraortodokse want to practice isolation is not the only light.

Living space

The ultraortodokse, as a rule, called haredim, Israel and the fastest population growth. Since the 1980s, each family received an average of seven children. Families with ten and twelve children are not unusual in their neighbourhoods.

Since most of the men devote their lives to religious studies and prayer are the families of the poor and the barnerike families live in cramped conditions. It makes social distancing is almost impossible.

Many haredim live on child support, they serve not in the military and many are not haters. Other israelis see them as a burden for society and a growing issue, both politically, economically and religiously.

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Israel’s most religious minority, is also the country’s most secluded. To go into their neighborhood is like stepping into another time. Only when you see someone use the old mobiles you realize that you are not located in the early 1900’s. They will not be a part of the modern society. TV and the internet is not something for them.

Information they get from family and friends or from veggaviser in Hebrew and yiddish. Therefore, struggling the authorities to reach with information about the danger of koronaviruset.

the writing ON the WALL: Veggavisene is an important source of information for the most religious. Here are posters showing how to avoid infection. But since the population here to a small extent, listening to the information from the secular state, it is not easy to spread the knowledge about forbygging of the infection.


– we do what We can to inform them of posters, with speakers and letters from the rabbis. But in order to reach out to all to inform people that they need to go into isolation is an operation that requires far more of us, ” says a representative of the israeli ministry of Health to Haaretz.

Now have israeli sikkerhetsfolk gone into the ultraortodokse neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem. But the visor, batons and light blue latekshansker patrolled the in the narrow streets, where people shouted nazi after them.

NO PRAYER: the Security forces dragging young men away from a closed synagogue in Mea Shearim in Jerusalem. No one can walk more than 100 metres from his home in Israel. To gather in the synagogues is prohibited now.

Photo: Mahmoud Illean

There is no love between ultraortodokse and the other residents. Police arrested the men who broke the rules on not to move more than 100 metres from home, or to stop to pray together in the synagogue.

– This is very difficult for us, because we are always together in our community. Although we try to keep the distance it is very difficult for us, ” says Menachem Roitenbarg to Reuters. He is one of the young svartkledde the men who are out on the street when the police come.

TOGETHER: The closed ultraortodokse the community stands together. Here celebrate some of those holidays Tu Bishvat in February. They follow advice from their religious leaders, rather than to listen to the government. Men and women are often segregated.

Photo: Oded Balilty / AP Without fear

Nor during the intifada for soon 20 years ago, they let the ultraortodokse scare. While israelis the most at any time to take the bus or go on the cafe of terror of being killed by a suicide bomber, continued haredim to live as before. They believe it is their Creator who decides when they should die, no one else.

But with koronatrusselen is it different, for now you must all look after each other and not just themselves.

And before Israel’s most unpopular minority is becoming even more unpopular, attempting minister of health to take action.

I have asked the government to impose curfew in Bnei Bump. The situation there is terrible. For every day we wait, we risk life, ” says Yaakov Litzman.

WILL SHUT down the CITY: health minister Yaakov Litzman (t.h) has asked prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to order the three-day curfew in Bnei Bump. The city is a suburb of Tel Aviv, but have far more koronasmittede.


health minister Litzman belongs to the UTJ (United Torah Judaism) an alliance of ultraortodokse parties sitting in the Knesset and in the government. Knowing that such stringent measures may make him very unpopular with their own voters, ” says the minister for health that he doesn’t care about the consequences.

– There are already posters out there who compare me with Joseph Stalin.

the minister for health, hope and believe that most people will listen to him and the rabbis now. He is optimistic, smitteraten despite:

–With God’s help, this will the virus disappear soon, therefore I have only asked about the three-day quarantine.

EACH FOR ITSELF: Since synagogues are closed, ask these men with bønnesjal and good distance between himself on the street outside a synagogue in Jerusalem.


One of the most ultraortodokse the men who are outdoors says that he will follow helsemyndighetenes advice, but adds:

– It is Torah and prayer, it is essential for us. It is our oxygen. We believe that the Torah will protect us against the virus and that it and our prayers will stop the epidemic, ” says Yaakov Gotferb to Reuters.

After having seen the dramatic smittetallene among their own, have also the spiritual leader and rabbi Kanievski finally turned around. Now he is asking the ultraortodokse to keep distance and compares those who do not respect the injunction with a who attempt to murder a fellow human being, according to the Jerusalem Post.

– But continue to pray to stop the virus, is rabbinerens message.

the Article is updated with that rabbi Kanievski now have asked their followers to listen to doctors ‘ advice.

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